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lapasha - 21 Grudzień 2007, 22:30
Temat postu: the International League of Hockey Forecasting (MLHP)
People, people, comrades! On the Internet it is a lot of sites connected with football-forecasting. It is much less given to time and a place to hockey. There is on open spaces of the Internet very class and interesting project - the International League of Hockey Forecasting (MLHP) -

The league has 2 divisions: the Russian division (where 7 leagues) and the Belarus division (in which while only 1 league). But, the attention, in the Belarus division is the Polish clubs: "Unija" and "Krakovija".

In "Uniju" to not get any more, and here "Krakovija" waits for you. Be not confused the Belarus division. The Belarus division is does not mean what to predict it is necessary only matches of the Belarus championship. We predict in the majority of game of NHL, the Russian superleague, matches of combined teams, etc. Everything, than the Belarus division differs from Russian is an absence in programmkah forecasting of matches of the Vishaia League-West (VL-W) and the Vishaia League-east (WL-E). And the most important only at us in the Belarus division is played with 2 Polish commands: "Unija" and "Krakovija". And "Unija" (Osventsim) also leader Topligi. So we wait for you.

Who has become interested, corrected here -

participants of the Belarus division here -

registration here-

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